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Health insurance for staff in the hospitality industry

Is your employer a member of the KHN? Then you and your family can make use of the KHN discount on the health insurance policies of CZ, Menzis or Zilveren Kruis. 

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Do you want personal advice?

Zorgverzekering personeel horeca

The basic insurance covers the most important healthcare costs, like hospital visits and medication. For other costs, like the dentistry or physiotherapy, you can take out additional packages. Do you find it difficult to select the right package? Let us help you by composing a personalized advice based on your wishes and needs. Fill out the form on the right and we will contact you as soon as possible

How can you switch?

You can switch to another health insurer before 31 December. Then your new insurance will take effect on 1 January. Your whole family can also benefit from this discount. Once CZ, Menzis or Zilveren Kruis have received your application, they will cancel your current health insurance policy for you. Good to know: every year the new health insurance premiums are announced in November for the coming year.

Who can use this discount?

All members of the family can each choose their own health insurance policy based on their own health care needs. Children who are still studying, but no longer living at home can also benefit from the discount.

Already insured at CZ, Menzis or Zilveren Kruis?

Are you not using the KHN discount yet? Then you can still benefit all year round. Your insurance with CZ, Menzis or Zilveren Kruis remains the same, but you pay less for the health insurance.

Already insured at CZ or Zilveren Kruis?
Send us a email at with your current insurer, clientnumber, whether you want to insure your family members and all policy numbers. We will forward this to your health insurer. After that, you will already benefit from the discount the following month!

Already insured at Menzis?
Click here to switch to our collective health insurance with Menzis via 'My Menzis' (collective number: 55233).

Do you ever visit a physiotherapist?
No, I have never visited
I expect to visit a physical therapist a few times next year
Yes, but I have not visited one in the last years
Yes, I visit a physical therapist a couple of times a year
Do you have costs for dental care?
No, I never see a dentist
Yes, but only for check-ups every (half) year
Yes, I see dentist regularly to remove tartar, for fillings and X-rays
Yes, I often receive fillings and/or sometimes require root canal treatments
Do you travel outside of The Netherlands?
Yes, but I have (continuous) travel insurance with medical aid coverage
Yes, ut only within Europe
Yes, also outside Europe
Do you ever visit an acupuncturist, homeopath, chiropractor or other alternative care provider?
No, but I expect to visit one next year
Yes, but not recently
Yes, I visit an alternative physician regularly
Do you wear glasses or contact lenses and do you expect to incur costs for this the coming year?
If you already have Dutch health insurance and you would like us to compare your current policy with
the group plan offering, please provide us with the following information in the field below: (1)
Your current health insurance company (2) Chosen deductible (3) You current supplementary insurance
package - or none - (4) Your current dental insurance package - or none -
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